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3/18/2017 04:35PM

We're coming back!

After a 3 year hiatus where we kept waiting and waiting for Core 4 to be completed (it's been far too enormous an undertaking, and I still have a long ways to go), I have decided instead to just update our blog system and add the new commenting system as well. This will still all be running on Core 3.3 instead of Core 4. Hopefully this will all be ready soon, and I'd love to be able to put dates on them but we're clearing out our whole house for new carpets and this will greatly disrupt computer time for now. I hope to have the user comments up by the end of the month, maybe even this weekend if I can!


So to be brief, here are the updated features we're adding very soon:

  • User comments - This is very important to Axiluvia in particular, as she wants to allow some discussions on some of her posts and reviews. A log in will be required. This hopefully will be done very soon! I'll post about it when it goes online.
  • User Log In/Account - The core code for this is already done as I use it elsewhere. It just needs a look and a way to access it from the header/footer.
  • Category Blog Listings - Something we sorely need at this point! This will allow listing all blog posts under a specific category.
  • User Blog Listings - So you can limit by user-specific blog posts. Just Axiluvia and Zolaerla for now, of course.
  • Blog Post Chaining - This will allow multiple related posts to be chained together for easy jumping from one to the next.