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What Is Kerbluh?

2/16/2014 12:00PM
Someone puked in the middle of this code... or something...

What is Kerbluh? What does it mean?


Kerbluh comes from an old project Zolaerla had called the Monthly Waste of Your Time (MWOYT), and was used for a sound effect of vomiting; it got transfigured later into the metaphorical sound of a brain vomit, or purge. Off to a great start, huh? Actually, it's now used as a "TODO" placeholder in Zolaerla's code (though it is all uppercase like the sample to the right).


What this means for you, the reader, is that we will post anything and everything that comes to mind, whether it be reviews on anything from board games to hot sauces to yarn, comments on current topics, rants on pet peeves, programming tricks, or even just random writing tidbits. We're here to get it all out of our system, with no holds barred and no prisoners taken. We'll say what is on the top of our head, to get it off our minds, and into yours. We will let you know when a topic is adult, or perhaps a little too swear-heavy, however.


We'll be attempting to post every day with different topics, maybe more often than that. We hope that you'll be interested in taking a deeper look into how our heads work. Just to warn you, though, it can get crazy in here.



Who is Axiluvia?


Axiluvia is one of the co-writers of Kerbluh, along with Zolaerla.


I'm currently 31, and my hobbies include all sorts of things. I'm most likely going to be doing rants on here, along with reviews, writing tidbits, and other things. Reviews will be things like hot sauces, phone app games, books, yarn, and whatever else I feel like telling you about.


I'm slightly autistic, and have very strong opinions on a lot of things. If you don't like what I say, that's fine. If you continue not to like it, that's also fine, you don't have to read it. However, since I will be taking what may be inflammatory positions on certain topics, I won't pull punches, and I won't tolerate people being uncivil. This is MY spot for MY opinions, and while you're allowed to discuss and disagree with them, I won't take using it for soapboxing of your own ideas. You can get your own blog for that.



Who is Zolaerla?


The programmer wolf. I am the lead programmer for A Far Site Better, and owner of MeMSO. I have created the MeMSO PHP Platform, Paradigm Shift JavaScript Platform, and am occasionally dabbling with the Any Platform (for, well, anything) that is not ready for any use.


Being both very opinionated and married to Axiluvia (we were debating calling her the Angry Badger, which is an apt pseudonym) has given me a strange perspective in a lot of things. Particularly the world of computers, which I have lived in very actively since as early as I can remember. It was an old Atari 800 that I remember first.


I'm currently 36, and will be posting vastly different topics than Axiluvia. You'll see things like game reviews, complaints about standards but also a great deal of programming tips, ideas and concepts. I think very differently than most other computer geeks, and that will most definitely come through.


In fact, this site is all built on my own platforms for PHP and JavaScript, on servers I built and configured myself, because I cannot stand other people's formatting (or lack thereof) and configuration. It may be millions of lines of code for me to deal with, but they are MY millions of lines of code. If you don't like my way of doing things, I'm sure the jQuery, Drupal and Zend hordes will likely welcome you.



In any case, welcome to our blog!