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  • By: Mark Ormston
    3/18/2017 04:35PM

    We're coming back!


    After a 3 year hiatus where we kept waiting and waiting for Core 4 to be completed (it's been far too enormous an undertaking, and I still have a long ways to go), I have decided instead to just update our blog system and add the new commenting system as well. This will still all be running on Core 3.3 instead of Core 4. Hopefully this will all be ready soon, and I'd love to...

  • By: Lauren Ormston
    3/10/2014 05:00PM

    This is a paid app I got in the Google Play Store. It's about $2, and it has an interesting premise; a story based on your decisions as a monster, and how the world around you changes to it. I thought it seemed a little grandiose for a phone app, but I decided to try it anyways.


    One thing is for certain, there's not as many choices as it would seem to have. This game basically boils down to a...

  • By: Lauren Ormston
    3/8/2014 04:54PM

    Generic Stuff/Picking your first plants


    1. If you're super new, look for ones with 'resilient', 'hardy', or 'tough' as a factor for houseplants, or 'doesn't need pruning' for outdoor ones. There's a lot of plants (looking at you, roses), that want you to go through several steps each year, and if you forget them, there's ones that won't grow as well, or could even die. Eventually, you can get...

  • By: Lauren Ormston
    3/7/2014 11:53AM

    I love having plants around. Besides being pretty, they're also handy for clearing the air, and helping me feel better about myself. I look at a plant, and say “This was a lot smaller when I got it, and with my help, it's thriving.” Which is why it's also such a big disappointment when they die.


    Not every plant death is my fault though, and while I know the 'green thumb' type people don't...

  • By: Lauren Ormston
    3/6/2014 04:53PM

    Being Autistic is being anal at times.


    I have an issue with being spontaneous. It's not that I wouldn't enjoy it, per se, but honestly, it freaks me out a bit. I prefer to know what we're going to be doing, in what order. I like having plans, on almost everything.


    If something goes off plan, even if it wasn't anyones fault, or even if the 'plan' was just something I decided in my head, and no one ...

  • By: Lauren Ormston
    3/4/2014 11:11PM

    I like teas. I like teas a lot. I have a custom tea mug made of my fursona looking tired with a tea mug in their hands. I'm planning on getting more tea-based art (I have one so far, it is A Wizard of Tea by Ursula Vernon). I have a great selection of mugs, and different teas by varying companies.


    That being said, I have noticed a trend in my tea preferences.


    First off, I'm going to call herbal...

  • By: Lauren Ormston
    3/3/2014 10:26PM

    We decided to make this because I wanted something odd, and was in the mood for octopus. It actually came out a lot tastier then it looks, which is good, because we wanted it to look like an elder monstrosity.




    1 medium red cabbage


    2 red onions


    12 ounces octopus tentacles


    12 ounces pea pods


    6 thai eggplant (we found them and thought they looked really neat, you can substitute 1 medium ...

  • By: Mark Ormston
    3/2/2014 12:42PM

    I don't remember why, but while working for A Far Site Better, they asked me what was most important in my coding. Their guess was that it worked. And, um, no. That isn't the most important thing for me when I am coding. I often write minimal test versions of the code that does absolutely nothing, so that the process can be tested.


    The most important thing for me is beautiful code. Whenever I...

  • By: Lauren Ormston
    3/1/2014 05:21PM

    This is a short story I came up with just for the hell of it. It was designed to stop here, just as an intro to something bigger, that was just hinted at. I suppose if people really liked the idea, I could come up with more, but it wouldn't be from this perspective, and probably not this character.


    Warning: Lots and lots of f-bombs, and other swearing.


    I know a lot of people blame the Kaltheren...

  • By: Lauren Ormston
    2/26/2014 08:33PM

    Being autistic is being oversensitive to everything...


    People think I'm odd when I react so much to sounds, smells, and people touching me. It can be just a playful pat, or a somewhat loud bang, and I react much stronger than other people. People tend to think I'm over-reacting, but honestly, I just SENSE things that much more. Most autistic people do.


    I have sensitive hearing. I can hear the...

  • By: Mark Ormston
    2/25/2014 10:34PM

    Plugins in Core v4


    Back in March of 2013, I had started work on a completely new way of organizing files for the MeMSO PHP Platform, and started making plans for Core v4. The system was on v3.2 at the time, which was already taking strides to being more plug-n-play, but this new idea changed everything.


    The old way involved having all of the platform files intermingled into sorted directories by...

  • By: Lauren Ormston
    2/24/2014 10:25PM

    The Golden Bough , by Sir James George Frazer, is a bit of a read. This is a book that could be used as a club, and it has small text and no pictures. In fact, in the unabridged version, it has TWELVE volumes of this size. This is not something to be read in a day.


    However, for both a reference book, and sheer learning, it is unsurpassed, and one of my all time favorites. It was groundbreaking...

  • By: Mark Ormston
    2/23/2014 03:30PM

    As usual with my random meals, we had a few extra things in the kitchen that we didn't end up using for previous meals. This time around, it was chicken breasts and tortillas, so it was time for chicken burritos! We also had a tiny bit of left over Mrs. Renfro's Habanero Salsa , which got put to good use here as well (WARNING: This does make them have a bit of a kick). Since we also had some...

  • By: Lauren Ormston
    2/22/2014 07:30PM

    I started writing this for a forum I was on, for a contest. It was basically to have a character go through three different 'costume' changes throughout the story, and to have it seem fairly realistic to have them completely change what they were wearing. It was supposed to be super short as well, I think the limit was 5,000 words. I never finished it, mainly because they started changing rules...

  • By: Lauren Ormston
    2/21/2014 09:54AM

    Being Autisic is being honest, even when it's a bad thing


    I, also like most people with autism, don't do, or like playing mind games. If I'm being confusing, I'm not attempting to on purpose. I don't like lying at all, and will be as honest as possible. If this means coming off as blunt and/or rude, well, that's just how it works. If you ask me for my opinion, you're going to get the whole truth, ...

  • By: Lauren Ormston
    2/20/2014 08:34PM

    Okay, so I was writing a blog post, which I will put up later, which required me to google different songs and movies and such....


    I am both amazed and horrified at the internet and what it can have stored in its bowels.


    For example, I knew William Shatner did covers. I knew he wasn't a good singer. But nothing could have prepared me for covers, by him, of BOTH Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds and...

  • By: Mark Ormston
    2/19/2014 08:46PM

    Recently, a client asked if I could adhere to the Google HTML/CSS Style Guide for the HTML and CSS I am creating for their UI/UX. I had never heard of this guide before, and almost immediately saw the nastiness this would entail and wrote up the following as a thorough explanation of why I would be wasting so much time if I had to do this. They decided to go with my formatting instead. I think it ...

  • By: Lauren Ormston
    2/18/2014 06:09PM

    I have a mild case of Asperger's, which is on the autistic spectrum. I scale just highly enough for it to be official, but not high enough for it to be hugely noticeable. I can often be told online that they couldn't tell, or even in public.


    Me being able to be 'normal' in public though is new, and has been because of much training throughout the years of learning what to react and not react to,...

  • By: Mark Ormston
    2/16/2014 12:00PM

    What is Kerbluh? What does it mean?


    Kerbluh comes from an old project Zolaerla had called the Monthly Waste of Your Time (MWOYT), and was used for a sound effect of vomiting; it got transfigured later into the metaphorical sound of a brain vomit, or purge. Off to a great start, huh? Actually, it's now used as a "TODO" placeholder in...