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Tea, Damn it

3/4/2014 11:11PM

I like teas. I like teas a lot. I have a custom tea mug made of my fursona looking tired with a tea mug in their hands. I'm planning on getting more tea-based art (I have one so far, it is A Wizard of Tea by Ursula Vernon). I have a great selection of mugs, and different teas by varying companies.


That being said, I have noticed a trend in my tea preferences.


First off, I'm going to call herbal teas, herbal teas. I know technically they're supposed to be called tisane, but screw it, I'm calling them tea. If it's dried plant matter you have in a bag or a strainer, pour hot water over it and drink it, it's tea, damn it. Coffee is ground and roasted, that doesn't count.


I don't care for straight green tea, but as a base, it can be amazing. Some of my favorites have a green tea base. I've noticed the trick of not brewing it for too long, but I also like my tea strong, so green tea can be a bit hit and miss for me at times.


Black teas, I mostly don't care for at all. There are a couple, and usually chai based, but honestly, I tend to avoid them. I find them too bitter for my taste, and no amount of additives really fix it.


Oolongs are odd, I haven't had too many of them, but what I have had, I do like, and I seem to prefer the smokier ones.


White and Jasmine teas I've sadly had very few of, and so I can't really make an opinion on it. The same goes with corn teas, and other Asian teas.


Red teas, I mostly like. I have noticed certain types over the others. I prefer them with more spices in it than the ones that are more fruit flavored. Cinnamon and vanilla flavors I find work very will with Rooibus.


For herbal flavors, I prefer sweeter ones, or ones that don't require too much sugar on their own. Mint is one of my favorites, but I also enjoy citrus ones like orange and lemon based teas. Apple can be hit and miss, and there hasn't been a cherry tea that I've liked. Most pomegranate flavored ones also are ones I don't care for.


My favorite brands so far are Celestial Seasonings, Stash, and a few Tazo ones. We also live near Xiu Xian Tea, so I will be reviewing these when I can.