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Superhero Story Fragment

2/22/2014 07:30PM

I started writing this for a forum I was on, for a contest. It was basically to have a character go through three different 'costume' changes throughout the story, and to have it seem fairly realistic to have them completely change what they were wearing. It was supposed to be super short as well, I think the limit was 5,000 words. I never finished it, mainly because they started changing rules for the contest and I couldn't be asked to give a crap at that point. I figured I could post the first part of it, though...



“I don’t WANT to be a superhero, mom!” Cerise whined. She crossed her arms, staring down at her empty plate. Her rainbow stockings twitched angrily, and she took off her arm warmers and threw them at the coffee table in the corner.


Her mother looked at her sternly, as she dished out the slices of meatloaf for dinner. She glanced at her daughter and inwardly rolled her eyes. She didn’t understand what her daughter saw in these outrageous outfits. She looked like she had probably spent over eight hundred dollars to look like she had bought all her clothes from the Salvation Army.


She wore black, steel-tipped boots that were more appropriate for a construction worker than a seventeen year old girl. Above that were the rainbow stockings, and a short miniskirt that didn’t seem to cover much of anything. The skirt was held up by a thick black belt with a silver belt buckle that didn’t match anything else. The skirt wasn’t quite as upsetting, as the traditional costume had about the same length, but at least there was something under it besides underwear. Her shirt was the worst, though… being an animal print, and not matching anything, it looked like she had pulled it from a dumpster, since the shirt had come with pre-made tears…


“And what, pray tell, would you rather do? Your family has been heroes for four generations. What are you planning on doing, becoming a villain like your cousin Amber?”


“No! I just don’t want to do the whole super thing at all! I just want to relax and choose what I want to do with my life! I want to be able to hold a normal job, one that doesn’t require me to be able to run off at every moment!”


Her mother, Gloria, looked at her again and sighed. Cerise was a teenager, and with it came teenage rebellion. Of course, she always complained about her duty to become the next Lady Valkyrie, but when she was a girl, she complained about it as well.


“You’re just saying that to try and be rebellious, dear. Your heritage fills your blood, and will spur you to do great things. When your father was your age he already…”


Cerise interrupted, “He already fought off a wave of mutant aliens from the fourteenth dimension, and got a medal of honor from the president. He also got caught by a time beam by Doctor Timewalk, aged fifty years, had two kids in another dimension, came back to his time and being sixteen again, died three times, and came back to life before graduating high school! I don’t want to do all that fighting! I want to be able to date people, and not worry about them getting kidnapped or killed and stuffed into a fridge!”


Her father walked in and sat down in the middle of Cerise’s spiel, and listened patiently while he took off his power bands, which were not allowed at the table while eating. He looked at her and grinned slightly.


“You have someone special in mind to protect, Cherry?”


“No, daddy! I just worry about it. I want a normal life. There are a lot of super powered people that aren’t heroes or villains… like Great Aunt Janice. At least she doesn’t wear spandex. I hate spandex, I feel so awkward in it! I can’t even enjoy a piece of cake without worrying I’m going to stick out in the wrong areas.”


“Your great aunt Janice,” Gloria said coldly, “wears leather because the goddess she gets her powers from requires it. We really shouldn’t have taken that family vacation to the planet Phobos IV… And she doesn’t do any superhero business because she’d be arrested if she went out in public in her ‘battle suit’.”


Cerise made a face, and shrugged, cutting up her meatloaf into chunks, as if it wasn’t a big deal.


“Leather isn’t all that bad. Grandma was wore even less in square inches, and hers was mostly metal.”


“That costume is traditional!”


“I don’t care! Why don’t you get a sidekick to train instead? I don’t even have the same powers you do! I can’t fly, I don’t have super strength, I have speed and agility, but I don’t have the durability to be able to not break anything if I hit something, or something hits me!”


Her father looked at her mother, and there was a slight silent communication between the two of them. Her father looked at her and said, “If you’re really sure about this, sweetheart, we can make an appointment with Doctor Terror for you, to help you with ideas of what you want to actually do…”


Cerise frowned, and tilted her head.


“Doctor Terror?”


“Retired villain. He found he could get more money be doing counseling for superpowered people who weren’t sure where they should be on the whole villain/hero spectrum, then actually doing any crimes. He's helped a lot of people decide what part of the hero businessthey should be on… if at all. Your great aunt Janice dated him for a while.”


“Well… if auntie Janice liked him… all right.”