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Internet Thoughts

2/20/2014 08:34PM


Okay, so I was writing a blog post, which I will put up later, which required me to google different songs and movies and such....


I am both amazed and horrified at the internet and what it can have stored in its bowels.


For example, I knew William Shatner did covers. I knew he wasn't a good singer. But nothing could have prepared me for covers, by him, of BOTH Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds and Bohemian Rhapsody.


Also, I thank the internet for making me a horrible person and laughing at the Kids of Widney High songs online. Also the Wesley Willis song Vampire Bat.If you learn more about both of them, it can be kind of sad. It doesn't stop me from laughing hysterically at these.


I am thankful for the internet for introducing me to the edible dormouse, the pink fairy armadillo, and Honduran White bats, which are freaking adorable. Also for having images of jumping puli dogs, because exploding mop/dog heads are hilarious. I also thank it for showing me the blobfish, the mantis shrimp, and the yeti crab for showing me how amazingly odd and cool nature can be. I could do without knowing what a camel spider, scabies, or a staph infection looks like.


The internet has allowed me to make friends from all over the world, from Canada and Brazil to the UK, Turkey, and Australia. It's also allowed me to be besieged by trolls, cam bots, spam bots, and griefers from all over the world as well.


Through the internet, I've met people whose depth, complexity, creativity, and altruism make me glad I'm part of the human race, and that I was allowed to connect and share time with these people. Then I meet the people who I am sorry they have not invented a device for punching people through their monitors.


I've seen technological and natural wonders. I've watched people discuss the nature of empathy, the need for change in how we teach our children, and comments on how society as a whole is changing and developing. I've also seen someone bellyflop directly onto a cactus.


With Kickstarter, IndieGogo, and Second Life, there are also many new and various ways to make money online legitimately that wasn't even possible before. It astounds me how creative some of these people can be, and while it baffles me people would pay money for certain things (coughflappybirdscough), I'm glad people have the opportunity to be able to make money on these ventures.


I see this as an interesting time, full of new ideas, ventures, and possibilities, and can't wait to see where it goes. And hopefully some of the memes will die off sooner than others.