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Being Autisic is... (Part Two)

2/21/2014 09:54AM

Being Autisic is being honest, even when it's a bad thing


I, also like most people with autism, don't do, or like playing mind games. If I'm being confusing, I'm not attempting to on purpose. I don't like lying at all, and will be as honest as possible. If this means coming off as blunt and/or rude, well, that's just how it works. If you ask me for my opinion, you're going to get the whole truth, whether you wanted it or not. I can be honest to a fault, in fact, it's why I can't work customer service all that well; I'm not going to sell a product I think is horrible. Once, when I was working at a craft store, we were told to try and sell scented candles. Which was perfectly fine for the scents I liked, but I would tell people that asked not to buy the sugar cookie one because it smelled horrible. If I say I'm fine with something, I'm honestly fine with it! Lying to make other people feel better is actually a habit I've had to learn.... and sadly, most people prefer it.


I also feel awkward not saying what's on my mind, or telling people what I feel they need to hear. I would be the friend that tells someone when they're being cheated on, since I feel that hurting them now and being honest would be better then hiding things from them and having them deal with the fallout later.


I'm also going to assume you're upfront and honest with me, though, and I get upset when I find out people haven't been. It hurts, and it actually hurts a lot. It's probably my autism talking, but I can think of more legitimate and valid reasons to kill someone then lie to them. There's such phrases as "I don't want to tell you/talk about it/deal with it right now." Or even "I don't think you want to hear this."


The upside to all this, is that if you want a truly honest, direct answer without beating around the bush or pussyfooting around, I'm all for that. And me being blunt isn't going to be (for example, if you ask me to read something) "This is awful, go die in a fire" but "I don't like these parts, but these parts were okay, and the other stuff could be fixed with X, Y and Z, in my opinion".


When I say something, I mean it. When I say I don't care about brand names, when I say I don't care about body type, race, who is rich, who has the best stuff, I don't. I would much rather judge someone on themselves, versus the outside layers. Those can be changed a lot easier. People don't change their habits or how they treat others as quickly... and while I might forgive some people, I still don't forget. I may be socially inept, but I'm not STUPID.